RC5000MR White Reflective Metal Roof Coating


RC5000MR seals and repairs metal roofs. It is a single product, single component metal roof coating that offers excellent adhesion to standing seam and corrugated roof panels

RC5000MR Metal roofs are beautiful, attractive, and relatively functional if they are properly installed. The problem with metal roofing is as the sun hits it,it expands and contracts. It also becomes superheated. Coating a metal roof can be a complicated process as many products have poor adhesion to metal. Our metal roof coating solves all those problems. It sticks. It reflects, and it waterproofs. Use our system, and we’ll guarantee it for 10 years — see details below. Please note product is packaged as RC5000CRC


1 Gallon, 3 Gallon, 5 Gallon

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